Rolando Visbal was his friend Gustavon with fishing three miles off the coast of Colombia on the Caribbean side, near the town of Barranquilla.

They saw something in the water and thought it was a block. As they approached, they noticed it was a woman floating on her back. Her eyes were closed, but when the men came next to her, the woman raised her hand to ask for help, writes a local newspaper Freedom.

The woman floated on the lifebuoy. The men pulled him next to the boat and got him lifted up, shown in a video posted on Visbal’s social media.

The fishermen gave the woman water, but she could not speak, only crying uncontrollably.

Eventually, the woman came out of the mouth in Spanish: “I am born again, God did not want me dead.”

Disappeared from his family

In the countries, the woman was taken to hospital and her identity was established. He was 46 years old Angelica Gaitan, which had disappeared two years earlier.

Gaitán’s family had no idea where the woman was before she was found floating in the Caribbean on September 26th.

RCNIn an interview with radio station, Gaitán says he had suffered for 20 years at the hands of his violent partner.

– The assault began after the first pregnancy. After the second pregnancy, it continued. I couldn’t leave because the girls were small, Gaitán said.

– I repeatedly report violence to the police. The man was taken away for 24 hours, but when he returned, he attacked me again.

– 2018 he broke my face and tried to kill. Thank God I managed to escape then, said Gaitán.

That is, on the streets

Gaitán lived first on the streets of the nearby town of Barranquilla. He later found shelter in the homeless, but plunged into deep depression.

– Finally I took a bus to the sea. I wanted it all to end and I jumped into the water. I thought the sea would take me to end this nightmare.

After that, his memories are blurry, but he remembers his savior.

– I’m grateful God gave me a second chance, says Gaitán.