For Valtteri Bottas, the Tuscan GP was disappointing. The Finnish driver left in the second starting box, but got a really good start and overtook Lewis Hamilton.

Bottas also managed to keep the top spot for himself on the retreat when the safety car left the track. However, the situation was reversed in the second re-start, where Hamilton swept to the top at a brisk pace.

A third start was taken at the Mugello track, but the Finnish driver was badly left in the bag. Bottas could no longer get past his teammate.

– It’s disappointing. I got a dream start race, it was really good. I was also able to hold my seat after the safety car, Bottas analyzed in the C More transmission.

– I lost my place in the second start and it seemed that there were no new places after that. That’s the way it is.

Hamilton, for his part, said he was concerned about Bottas’ pace. In the third start Daniel Ricciardo overtook the Finnish driver, but this soon took second place back.

– On the second stint, I didn’t know how long the tires would last. Valtteri appeared out of nowhere. I looked at the rings from time to time and then he appeared behind me. This is a long straight and I didn’t want him to be allowed to use the DRS, the British driver said.

– I got pressure. Keeping Valtter behind me wasn’t easy, he’s been fast all weekend.

The race saw three starts and two red flags. Only 12 drivers made it to the finish line.

– This was like three races in one day, Hamilton summed up.

The F1 season will continue in two weeks in Sochi, Russia. According to Bottas, the first step in defeating Hamilton is to take a pole position.

However, the Finnish driver’s comments were disappointing.

– I’ve lost many time periods hundredth parts. I will first try to translate those hundredths for myself. This needs to turn for the better for me at some point.

In the Tuscan GP, ​​Red Bull, who had been in the podium for the first time, took third place Alexander Albon.