The miracle weapon for a shiny appearance – without shining

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Blotting paper should not be missing in any handbag. It mattifies any make-up in seconds and removes unwanted shine. You’ll find more about it here.

In the morning you stand in front of the mirror, cream, make-up and powder as much as you can, and then that: after a few hours the shine has gained and your forehead fogged up. No matter how matt and long-lasting the powder of our choice is – the shine just always wins at some point. What is not so dramatic for some, drives others crazy. Then it’s time to re-powder again and again. This need not be. Blotting paper is the optimal and inexpensive solution to declare war on unwanted gloss.

What is blotting paper?

Blotting Paper means blotting paper in German. This is very fine and very handy paper, which soaks up sebum, oil and sweat. The result: the skin becomes matt and clean again in no time at all.

Blotting papers are available in a wide variety of designs. The spectrum ranges from coated with antibacterial powder to particularly environmentally friendly blotting paper. You are sure to find everything your beauty heart desires.

Women with oily skin in particular swear by blotting paper. It comes in a handy box and is ideal for traveling. In between, you can just unobtrusively reach into your pocket, dab the T-zone briefly and everything is nice and matt again.

What are the benefits of blotting paper?

Beauty queens with oily skin in particular know the annoying problem of skin greasy quickly. While some simply resort to powder again, the frequent repainting of make-up causes unsightly stains on others. In addition, powder clogs the pores in masses, and using the same sponge over and over again over the old make-up is not particularly hygienic. Blotting Paper is the perfect solution. It also convinces with the following advantages:

  • Blotting paper is very cheap. You can buy a high-quality product for as little as three euros.
  • Sebum and sweat are dabbed away within seconds.
  • Some blotting papers are coated with antibacterial powder. This gives pimples and skin blemishes no chance.
  • Some blotting papers can also absorb lipid peroxides. These are harmful substances that result from oxidized skin oils (for example due to UV rays).
  • The handling of Blotting Paper is very quick and easy.

Japan Blotting Paper Api Amazon

Sweating on the face

How do I use Blotting Paper?

The application of the small blotting paper is very easy. You simply take a paper and dab it on the shiny areas of your face. Once dabbed, the blotting paper soaks up sweat and shine and mattifies in seconds. You can use the paper on both make-up and bare skin. The effect is the same.

Tips on Using Blotting Paper

Blotting Paper is versatile and not only combats shiny areas of the face. In addition, it can be used as follows:

  • You can also use the fine flakes for other purposes and use them on greasy hair.
  • Blotting paper can be applied before makeup and replaces the eyeshadow base. It removes oil, so that the products used afterwards adhere better and last all day.
  • Lipstick can also be matted with blotting paper if necessary. You can use it to create a completely new look!

Eye pads

Where can I find blotting paper?

Blotting paper is an absolute must-have for many makeup lovers and is accordingly available in all well-stocked drugstores. Alternatively, you can find a large selection of blotting papers on the Internet. We have put together a small selection for you below:

The bargain from Allbesta

This blotting paper convinces primarily with its unbeatable price of just under three euros.

  • The blotting paper gently removes excess sebum and sweat.
  • Five different colors and flavors from green tea to chamomile to lavender meet different skin requirements.
  • The scents are particularly appealing.

Here you can buy Allbesta blotting papers.

Allbesta Blotting Paper Api Amazon

The classic from Artdeco

Artdeco’s blotting papers

  • gently and reliably absorb excess fat,
  • mattify oily areas in no time
  • and are perfect for on the go due to the handy packaging.

Here you can get hold of Artdeco’s blotting papers.

Artdeco Blotting Paper Api Amazon

Blotting paper with organic bamboo charcoal from Frcolor

The highlight of this product lies in the ingredients.

  • This blotting paper is made from 100 percent natural cellulose fibers with organic bamboo charcoal.
  • These provide extra freshness.

Here you can buy Frcolor’s blotting papers.

Frcolor Blotting Paper Api Amazon

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