Authorities explained the cause of the effect of the mines in the common grave in Denmark appearing to have been exhumed:

“As bodies decompose, gases can form. This causes the earth to swell. In this way, in the worst case, the mink is pushed out of the ground “, explained the spokesman of the Danish police, quoted by The Guardian, transmits Digi.24

In fact, the Danish press reports that the animals may have been buried too close to lakes and groundwater, with fears that this could lead to contamination of the drinking water network, but the Ministry of Environment said that the phenomenon is only “a problem related to the decomposition process “, and that the area will be monitored non-stop until a protective fence is installed to keep humans and animals away from the common pits of the minks, according to the source cited.

The slaughter of some 17 million miners in Denmark was ordered in early November after it was discovered on several farms that they were carrying a mutant version of SARS-CoV-2 that could be transmitted to humans. information denied ulterior.