After a strong criticism against confinement and having called not to fear the coronavirus, the tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of important companies such as TV Azteca or Banco Azteca and one of the richest men in Mexico, has announced that suffers from this disease.

“With the news that I have Covid-19, so take care of yourself and not be afraid, as I always said … You have to give us all and we will be fine.” This was made public through his Twitter account late on Wednesday. A message from which both good wishes for Salinas and ridicule were born, for catching the virus, after a position close to denialism.

Words that the millionaire has defended, in a sarcastic way, with a tweet in which he clarified: “Positive to COVID, no to karma”.

“Positive to COVID, no to karma”.

The businessman, who has defended throughout the pandemic the need to live with the coronavirus, even asking that massive campaigns of advertising to sow panic, suffered another setback yesterday. And it is that your Elektra company will have to pay 2,000 million pesos to the Treasury for a 2010 tax credit, which is added to the fact that the Mexican Government’s tax service claims a total of almost 40,000 million pesos from its companies for tax credits.

His positive is the second news starring the magician this week, after the publication of a text on his social media profiles in which he assured that workers are the only ones who must save to secure a retirement pension. In an essay titled “Your pension is not free,” Salinas wrote that employees must “sacrifice personal and family consumption” to aspire to a “decent future.”