The Milan manager about Hauge: – Maintains a high international level

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MILANO (VG) A nice cross-kick was followed by a beautiful assist and an excellent goal. Milan manager Stefano Pioli believes that Jens Petter Hauge (20) showed that he has something to do on the biggest stage.

– We knew that he was strong, fast and very good at coming in from the side. I am very impressed with him and he is a player who is definitely at a high international and European level, says Pioli when asked about Hauge.

Previously, the Milan manager himself had highlighted Bodø / Glimt’s left wing when asked by VG’s if there were any players who impressed him a little extra.

– Especially Hauge and Lode showed a very high level. The whole team showed a high level. The results for Bodø / Glimt show this and that the league shows a high level also with Molde who make a good match in the Champions League.

– It is of course very fun to be noticed, but now I am most disappointed that we did not advance in the tournament, says Jens Petter Hauge to VG.

The left wing occasionally ravaged Milan. He easily teased Franck Kessie with a nice overtaking feint before serving Kasper Junker.

In the second half he got better and better. He was also close to serving Ola Solbakken alone with the goalkeeper.

– Jens Petter showed again that he is a player at an international level. It is an achievement I think he should be very proud of, says Patrick Berg.

Earlier this year, Jens Petter Hauge said no to Cercle Brugge. Now it is probably no surprise if even bigger clubs come on the field.

– It is clear that I have ambitions and dreams in football. I feel today that I have shown that I can deliver at a high, high level in a single match. It is a bit difficult to say if I am ready to take that step already now or if I have to take a small intermediate step, he says.

– Do they get you home from here or do the big clubs grab you on the way out of the stadium here?

– I have plans to join the plane home. There will be a match on Sunday already, he says.


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