“The Michelle Obama Podcast” will be launched by the Spotify streaming service at the end of July and will be available to all users, globally, according to Variety, quoted by news.ro

This is the first project of the media company Higher Ground, founded by former US President Barack Obama and his wife, for Spotify, part of the multi-annual contract announced in June 2019.

“The Michelle Obama Podcast” will begin on July 29. The series will include discussions of the former US first lady with friends, relatives and allies, focusing on “the relationships that shape us.”

Obama’s guests include Marian Robinson, her mother, and Craig Robinson, her older brother; television star Conan O’Brien; Valerie Jarrett, former adviser to President Obama; journalist Michele Norris and doctor Sharon Malone, the wife of former US Attorney General Eric Holder.

“We believe that audiences around the world can be inspired by these sincere, human and personal conversations between Michelle Obama and her guests,” said Dawn Ostroff, CCO of Spotify.

The podcast will have its own Web page.