Maite Perroni, Anahí, Christian Chávez and Christopher Von Uckermann, who were part of the Mexican musical band RBD, announced this Wednesday that they will join their voices in a live concert this December, 12 years after his last performance.

With the title of Be the opinion, in honor of one of the most popular songs of the group, the show “is a Christmas present from us to the fans”the artists told EFE.

Presented as “a tribute to the Rebel Generation”, he show It will be a digital recital of about two hours, which will take place on December 26 and it will be broadcast from Mexico.

The four artists share the stage and stroll through the music and dance that made RBD an international phenomenon. “We do everything for the fans, who are the ones who have been there for us, supporting us in all the projects that each one of us has done on our own,” Chávez told EFE.

“We are very excited and grateful because this has been done by them. For our fans who never stopped asking for it“added the artist, who presented the song two weeks ago Jealousy and record in Miami Loli’s luck.

The absent will be Alfonso Herrera, who has focused on the last decade on his acting career, and Sweet Maria, who by those days would be ready or would have already had her first daughter.

The return

The RBD fever never completely went away, but it resumed intensity last August when it was organized a campaign to alert that something was happening around to the grouping.

While fan clubs and other admirers of the artists made the group trending on social media, the stars added their voices to celebrate that, for the first time, all the band’s music was available on the platforms of streaming.

On September 3, platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer and others began to notice that there was an intense consumption of songs like Rebel Y Be the opinion.

In less than 24 hours, more than 40 million listeners And in less than a month, the band’s page already has 5.4 million followers and Spotify.

“It’s not that we’re going to get big money. But the fans have been so happy, how could we not celebrate with them“Dulce María, who is one of the stars of the second season of Fake identity, the series of the Telemundo network.

Perroni, for his part, added: “affection for RBD is not only for our memories, but for that thread that unites us with so many people who love us. For them everything. “

The artist, who stars in the hit Netflix series Dark desire and prepares to film the second season of How to survive single for Amazon Prime, he assured EFE: “unless it is impossible, it would not occur to me not to participate.”

A worldwide audience

Tickets to see Be the opinion They will begin to be sold from October 4, when “World RBD Day” is celebrated, on the “” website. Before, On October 2 and 3, there will be a pre-sale through the platform streaming Spotify music.

The price will be $ 15 pre-sale and $ 20 for the general public.

Fans will also be able to upload videos about what RBD means to them or by singing and dancing to their favorite songs. The material will be shared on the day on December 26 until 18:00 local time in Mexico (23:00 GMT), when the concert will begin.