The meticulous email from Guillermo Vilas that went viral after a question from Netflix to promote the documentary

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Former tennis pro Diego Veronelli revealed the help he received from Willy in 2003.

Netflix premiered Guillermo Vilas’ documentary that reflects the investigation of journalist Eduardo Puppo that determines that the Argentine obtained the results to be number 1 in the ATP ranking. As part of the campaign on networks, the official account of the streaming signal in Argentina asked: Why do you think Vilas is # 1? A response went viral because it was given by a former professional tennis player and he shared an email he had received from the best player in the history of Argentine tennis.

Diego Veronelli, who stayed on the circuit between 1998 and 2009 and is currently a coach, said that the meeting with Vilas took place in the summer of 2003. He, who did not have a coach at the time, was training on one of the fields of the Vilas Racket Club when he noticed that the former tennis player was on the other side of the fence watching him. “Skinny, do you want me to give you a hand?”he asked.

“Without a moment’s hesitation, he got on the court and began to help me as a sparring / coach (he also liked to play simply by hitting the ball),” recalled Veronelli, who reached his best ranking later from that first meeting, in 2004, when he was 165th in the world in singles and 171th in doubles

After “several days of valuable advice”, as he described it in his Twitter messages, Veronelli traveled to the tournament with a slogan: keep in contact with Vilas via email.

“He asked me and I did, not only to thank him but to continue asking him for advice. Here is the proof of why he is a number 1. I keep them as a locked treasure, and recently I decided to share them publicly. Today I do it new, “he said and posted the photo of that Willy response.

“Skinny, I don’t know the Frenchman. You’re playing 10, don’t take unnecessary risks. Take security. When you look bad, play consciously and aim. Don’t be a throw. Today you are a complete player and you can take any shot. You can control the risks. You know the risk you take, but if you know there is no other risk, take it decided. It’s that or nothing. Don’t take risks if you know that with two more shots you will win the same point. Risks are taken when there is no other “. If you take them like this, risks are incorporated into your game. What was a risk yesterday, today is a shot that you handle with aplomb “, started in a long message full of short sentences, as if it were a tennis poem.

“You have too much game and you respond to the demands. Not because you play well do too much to win. Don’t lose any points. Don’t play for the public. Never think you have won. Never think you have lost. Never think that it is difficult or easy. Think about what you have to do. Do your best. Apply what seems right to you. Perform the blows as if each one opens a new, better world for you. Be humble. Be sincere, Be strong. Don’t be hard on yourself. Do not praise yourself. Listen to your conscience. Apply and resolve. Keep the good and bring out the bad. Without contradictions. Without reproaches. Clear, lucid and without stopping for a moment. Everything is good if it leaves you something. Today it serves for the future. The future does not work for today. Good luck, Gullermo “, he concluded.

Throughout his career, Diego Veronelli won eight Futures, all in South America. Then, as a coach, he was present at the enormous achievement of the Puerto Rican Mónica Puig, a gold medalist in Rio 2016. In addition, he was deputy captain of the Argentine Fed Cup team and is currently the Sports Director of the 2019-2025 Comprehensive Program of women’s tennis the AAT.



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