Watch the video on Joki-Erkkilä’s tackle above or from here.

A player of the Rovaniemi Puck playing Hockey League in Mestis Henri Joki-Erkkilä has been banned from playing for five matches for his trick seen in last week’s Thursday match.

The 33-year-old defender tackled Kajaani Hoki, who had moved to the corner with the puck to play away the final seconds of the match with the team leading 2-1.

The disciplinary decision explains how Joki-Erkkilä tacks a crooked player on his back. The rigging is also considered to target the head and neck area.

The disciplinary team considers the performance of a tackle at the end of the match and the tackled position that a RoKi player should have perceived to be vulnerable to be aggravating circumstances in Joki-Erkkilä’s operations.

– Even if the player’s intention was to play the situation to the end and try to level the playing field, the player’s actions in the situation can be considered excessive, the report states.

Joki-Erkkilä was given a penalty 5 + 20 minutes in the match. The disciplinary decision imposed a five-match forced flute on the player.