Kevin Porter Jr. He is a young rookie of the Cleveland Cavaliers who, despite the team’s bad season, did not sign bad numbers and has placed many hopes for the future. However, that is not why it is news.

The player wrote a message on Instagram that immediately alerted his followers, who began to ask him if he was okay and to give him signs of encouragement.

“Have you ever wanted to see the end of your time?”, the player wondered, which set off alarms about his emotional state.

Such was the stir that the Cavs were forced to intervene: “We talked to him and is perfectly. You have understood what such a message does on social media and will be more careful in the future. It has worried everyone, but it’s okay, “they explained.

Porter himself later clarified the situation: “I appreciate your messages, your prayers and your concern, but nothing happens. I’m fine. I’ve already been through my worst season And nothing is going to be worse than what I’ve already been through. Thank you, “he wrote, in addition to deleting the controversial post.