In its second generation, beyond the restyling to which he was subjected in 2017, the Mercedes GLA has changed significantly. First because Goes from a sports SUV, or crossover, to a compact SUV more off-road type, and second because the image and habitability are clearly improved.

The aesthetic gains in sobriety, with greater volume and robustness of the whole set. This is influenced by the new forms, of course, but it is that compared to its predecessor this GLA is 10 cm higher, leaving the rest of the dimensions practically the same.

The front features the large grille and the horizontal band with the logo in the middle, as well as the lower air intakes and modern LED optics. On the side, a larger glazed area and a very slight drop in the ceiling are perceived, while from behind it is the modern headlights, the double exhaust outlet and the diffuser that give it personality.

Inside, the atmosphere exudes quality and the finishes are very well made. On the front, the two horizontally arranged screens stand out, one glued to the other, in the case of the 10.25-inch test version, which are the largest (and most expensive). Also striking are the “turbine” style aerators and the simplicity of the central console, which in its lower part does not even have the gear controls –The lever that controls it comes out of the steering column– nor with the traditional handbrake, since this is electronic and is activated by a button to the left of the steering wheel.

Everything under control

The driving position is elevated, with which there is greater visibility and comfort is high. The seats are comfortable and the information reaches the eyes clearly, apart from the digital screens, the Head-Up display (optional) that projects it on the windshield.

The second generation of the GLA has gained in habitability, with more space available in the rear seats and an improvement of the trunk

Almost all functionalities are agglutinated in the mentioned digital interfaces, And as we mentioned in the Class A 250e test, it requires a certain learning period, given its multiple possibilities. The steering wheel controls are useful, but very sensitive to the touch, although you can also use the voice assistant to interact with the system.

In terms of habitability, the second generation of the GLA has also won in this regard, with more space available in the rear seats and an improvement in the capacity of the trunk, although the 435 liters of volume are somewhat short for five occupants and their luggage.

The mechanics of the GLA 200 are currently the second most powerful in the section on gasoline, that is, that of 1.3-liter turbo engine with 163 horsepower. For the size of the set and the weight, which is 1,485 kg, it is more than enough, and at the wheel, unless a lot of sportsmanship is sought –For which there are more powerful versions, especially the AMG–, strength is hardly missed. It is a balanced mechanic, and the response of the 7-speed automatic transmission is adequate.

A little “gastón” gasoline

Throughout our test, that we carry out at calm rhythms through a mixed route, we obtained a consumption figure very similar to the one approved by Mercedes for this engine (6.6 liters per 100 km), so that in this section the grade is outstanding. Of course, the propeller brings out “genius” if required, for which it is enough to do the “kick down” (fully depress the accelerator suddenly) and take advantage of all its power. At recurring high rates, yes, consumption can rise significantly.

Otherwise, the suspension is soft and comfortable, and on open highway-like roads it packs a punch. If equipped, as was the case with this unit of the GLA 200, the driving aids allow you to drive very relaxed, always paying attention to the road and with your hands on the wheel.

The starting price of this gasoline version is 40,800 euros and includes interesting equipment, but If you want to add details of image, technology and equipment, the invoice can be increased in a few thousand euros more.


Motor: Gasoline.

Power (kW / CV): 120/163.

Change: Automatic, 7 speeds.

Largo (mm): 4.410.

Ancho (mm): 1.834.

Alto (mm): 1.611.

Pot (liters): 435.

Maximum speed (km / h): 210.

From 0 to 100 km / h (sec.): 8,7.

CO2 emissions (gr / km): 151.

Price (euros): 40.800.