Tim Meyer, Chairman of the German Football Association (DFB) Medical Commission, considered the danger of catching coronavirus on a soccer field is low provided that the measures of distance and safety, established by the health authorities.

Before the return of spectators to the sports venues in Europe, as happened in the Budapest Super Cup on September 24, and after the UEFA approval to authorize 30% of stadium capacity, the German Federation considers that playing outdoors the risk of getting COVID-19 is low.

Meyer noted that the duration of close contact is “short” during the duration of a game, while playing outside. Therefore, he held that caution is particularly necessary in the vicinity of the playing field.

Also, Meyer said that it is verified that “contrary to assumptions to the contrary, soccer is not a contact sport, but a sport with few contacts.” In addition, the German doctor related the positives in soccer players for their private life, and not because of their behavior on the pitch.

“The observation that contagion on the field of play is highly unlikely does not expressly mean that this also applies off the field of play,” said Meyer, who noted that during talks, in the changing rooms and showers, as well as the time of meals, Hygiene standards must be consistently maintained.

“If these are not respected and cases of infections appear, then the health authorities should act accordingly,” said Meyer, who clarified his thesis of low risk in stadiums. “It is not yet scientifically established, but research is being done in this regard”. “I start from the basis that we will soon be able to present results,” he concluded.