“The measures taken here are strict but they have managed to alleviate the pandemic”

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Seven and a half months after they were repatriated, eight of the Wuhan Three Towns FC’s Spanish workers they have returned to china. From there they left thinking that they were leaving behind a virus that had forced a city of eleven million inhabitants to close and believing that the arrival in Madrid would put them safe. The world began to know the ravages of a disease that in the Asian giant had then claimed a hundred lives. The word coronavirus was beginning to resonate across the planet, but few imagined that its consequences would be so devastating.

“I think we were the only Spaniards who, coming from abroad, were quarantined in a hospital. The first PCRs that were done in Spain were done on us. All were negative. Those of the eleven of our project and those of the other ten that they were repatriated. It is true that we commented that many people had left Wuhan and China until January 23 [día que la ciudad fue aislada] and that by statistics it could happen that the virus spread, but not at the level that has occurred far from it. We did not think that the pandemic could be so global or that it could leave the deceased that unfortunately it has left, “recalls Pedro Morilla in a telephone conversation with 20minutos.

He is the sports director of a club that has a score of compatriots on the roster, some of whom managed to leave Wuhan before it was sealed. Everyone has the idea of ​​returning to their posts but those whose residence visa has expired at this time are waiting for a letter of invitation from the local government to do so.

“The decision to return has always been on the table. As soon as the situation in China stabilized we were available to the company to return. It has not been possible until now because the border was closed to foreigners. It was opened in August for those with a valid residence and work visa and who complied with an entire protocol, “says Pedro. The protocol he refers to goes through a bureaucratic process before the Chinese authorities in Spain and undergoes a PCR for three days before flying.

Fourteen imported cases

  • The National Health Commission of China has reported fourteen new cases of Covid-19 detected this Saturday, all of them from abroad, with which the country accumulates 42 days without registering contacts at the local level. As for the asymptomatic infected, China added 26 new positives, bringing the total number of people under observation to 391. The agency did not announce new deaths, thus maintaining the figure at 4,634, among the 85,351 infected officially diagnosed since the beginning. of the pandemic, which the authorities already consider controlled. These data have led to the flexibility of some measures, such as the use of the mask, but strict control is maintained over those who come from outside and the population is massively tested and tracked.

This Sevillian and his seven companions landed in Shanghai on September 13 and before they left the airport a second diagnostic test was performed, they took their data and assigned identifying QR codes: “Thus they know where you’ve been and if there is an outbreak, the people you have had contact with. “

Once these procedures had been carried out, the ticket was distributed by the hotels that the Chinese Government has arranged, and whose cost is borne by the travelers, because a ironclad fourteen-day confinement It is part of the conditions that those who arrive in the country must meet before being able to circulate through it. Pedro and his team have been there but not able to see each other. Housed in individual rooms, from which they could not leave, they have been provided three meals a day, a cleaning kit, and sheets and towels whenever they have requested. This period, which they have faced with “patience and tranquility”, ended this Sunday. After testing negative again on Covid, the group has been able to head to Wuhan.

“The measures they have taken, both for entry into the country and for the citizens who are here, They are strict but what is achieved with this is to totally alleviate the pandemic. In this regard, right now it is calmer in China than in other countries “, points out the sports director.” That even in Spain? “We asked him, to which he frankly replied:” Yes, Spain is one of those countries where the situation is not fully controlled. There are mirrors where you can look at yourself. I am not a politician but there are governments that have opted for a more severe control, especially of arrivals and mass tests of the population. So you can clearly identify where the bulbs are. “

From this Monday these professionals will be able to take up in person a project that continues to excite them and from which, thanks to new technologies, they have not dissociated themselves despite having been thousands of kilometers away. That January 31 they arrived in Spain hoping that the situation in China would be fixed. Now they return to “continue improving Chinese footballers and coaches” and hope to lead a life as normal as possible, but without a doubt with our eyes fixed on their homeland: “We have to work here again but with the drink of leaving family, friends and compatriots in worrying circumstances. We want them to be fixed soon, as they seem to have been fixed here. “



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