Wheels are the main element of any vehicle that is always in contact with the asphalt. Therefore, reviewing them and betting on good quality tires is essential to maintain safety at the wheel (even in smaller vehicles such as scooters or bicycles it is important that the wheels are always in perfect condition).

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There are several elements that allow you to discover what is the real state of a rubber, what is its date of manufacture or even what technical specifications it has, such as the maximum speed it supports or the load index.

For example, and as the Civil Guard has recalled from Twitter, It is important to look at the number that determines the age of our tires. It is about four consecutive digits that refer; the first two to the week of the year in which the tires were manufactured and the last two to the year in question. So, If the number 2208 is engraved on a wheel, that means it was manufactured in week 22 of 2008.

This code it is known as DOT and has nothing to do with the expiration date of the wheels, since this is deducted depending on the kilometers the car has traveled, the daily use and the condition of the rubber and the wear of the tread. It is estimated that after 5 or 6 years, tires should be checked regardless of the mileage they have endured.

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Auto maintenance company Midas explains that lThe tire’s manufacturing date has nothing to do with the expiration date as long as the wheel has been stored and kept in the conditions necessary to maintain its properties.

The life of a tire begins when it begins to be used, Therefore, except for exceptions or in cases where the period of time between the date of manufacture and the date of use is too long, this code should not influence the safety of the wheels.