The US media NBC News flashed something very familiar to Finns. Namely, the mayor of Lordstown, a small town in Ohio Arno Hill had covered his face with a mask illustrated by the Finnish flag and the word “content” written in white.

Hill appears in the video starting at 5:50 p.m..

It is not yet known why Hill wore a Finland mask. However, the mayor’s first name is very Finnish, so it may refer to family roots in Finland.

Lordstown is a village of about 3,200 inhabitants in Trumbull County, Ohio. NBC News’s video Hill introduces the president Donald Trumpin as a supporter focused on creating new jobs. The General Motors plant manufactured cars from 1966 until 2019. The factory was the largest employer in the area, he says NBC.

In the video, the reporter asks Hill if he blames Trump for the jobs he lost in the city.

– Not at all, it was a business, Hill replies in the video.

He told me about it first Evening News.