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The game was scheduled for this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. but the Santa Fe Security Ministry announced the cancellation. The leaders of the club in the provincial capital are confident that they can reverse the decision.

The Professional League Cup has just started and could already have its first asterisk. The Ministry of Security of Santa Fe decided to suspend the meeting between Unión and Arsenal, scheduled for this Sunday at 2:00 p.m., because the Tatengue club does not comply with “decree 0049/2020 that regulates additional police services,” according to the government entity. In addition, in a notification addressed to President Luis Spahn they strongly criticize the actions of General Manager Jorge Recce.

Although there was still no official response, a senior source from the Union leadership trusted the sports newspaper Ole what “the game is going to be played” and they trust in taking the steps to be able to reverse the decision of the Ministry.

According to the executives, the problem lies in the amount of troops required by Security, which would be more than double those requested for the Copa Sudamericana match against Emelec last Thursday.

There would be 24 additional for a meeting that would not have more than 200 people, between the delegations of the clubs and the TV workers. That is to say: one policeman for every eight civilians …

Santa Fe, October 31, 2020.

Ref .: Cancellation of a football match due to non-compliance with decree DECREE N ° 0049/2020 TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE CLUB UNIÓN DE SANTA FE Mr. LUIS SPAHN S__ _ / ____ D I hereby write to you in order to notify you of the cancellation of the match between Unión de Santa Fe vs Arsenal Fútbol Club that was to be played this Sunday, November 1, due to breach of decree 0049/2020 that regulates additional police services.

This unwavering decision, which will be reported to the visiting club, the Municipality of Santa Fe, the Secretary of Transportation, the Road Safety Police and the AFA, comes after repeated warnings by the personnel of the Ministry of Security and the Police of the Province Regarding the stubbornness on the part of the leadership to whimsically review the public safety criteria provided for this meeting.

These criteria were exposed in a coordination meeting at the Ministry of Security and reiterated ad nauseam by staff of the Undersecretariat under my charge and police authorities by telephone (Wednesday 10:32 am. Thursday 4:16 pm, Friday 12:05 pm ,), by whatsapp (10/26: 12:12 p.m.; 2:40 p.m.; 2:42 p.m.; 2:52 p.m.; 2:56 p.m.; 3:29 p.m.; 2:55 p.m.; 2:56 p.m.; 10/27: 09:57 AM; 10:24 AM; 10:26 AM; 10:16 AM; 10:11 AM; 10:25 AM; 10/29: 10:13 AM; 12:37 PM; 12: 39 am; 4:20 pm; 10:20 am; 12:32 pm; 12:39 pm; 4:19 pm; 10/30: 5:39 pm; 7:14 pm; 8:12 pm; 7:05 pm hs) and by email until the last minute yesterday Friday night.

In those communications it was warned that the match would be canceled if the authorities insisted on contradicting the security criteria resolved in meetings and various communications during the week.

In this regard, attached to this note, the last notification sent by the police imposing an extension until 00:00 on Friday to request the service indicated by the Ministry of Security.

You must not ignore, Mr. Spahn, that an attitude of similar lack of reasonableness led this week to a conflict between the Club and the Control and Coexistence area of ​​the Municipality of Santa Fe, which, for this reason, did not provide inspection and control services for the Conmebol international match day (last Thursday). This situation forced the Police of the Province to assume additional functions on the fly, not foreseen in the original planning, to cover the requirements of public safety and traffic control in deficit due to the absence of municipal personnel.

Returning to the game on Sunday, despite the flexibility and patience of the personnel dependent on the Ministry of Security to address the resistance to comply with the deadlines and legal conditions set by the decree for the request of the exceptional court service -as well as the corresponding deposit- established in decree 0049, we only got delayed and disdainful responses from the leader in charge of the Club’s security.

Which leaves no room for any other measure than the cancellation of the meeting, in compliance with the repeated warnings, an attribution to which we are empowered by the legal architecture that regulates safety in sports events, since this meeting cannot be carried out without police intervention. .

The irrevocable measure decided is based on the legal powers of the Ministry of Security that I will remind you.

Decree No. 92 of December 11, 2019 and its amendment No. 47 of January 15, 2020 assigned the Ministry of Public Security a wide range of missions and functions focused on the design, planning and execution of prevention strategies , control and investigation of crimes, as well as exercise the political-institutional direction and superior coordination of the police system of the province of Santa Fe.

The powers, obligations and responsibilities of the Ministry of Security of the Province of Santa Fe in terms of prevention and security of violence related to sporting events are derived from the following legal instruments: Internal Security Law No. 24,059 and its regulations, Decree No. 357 of February 21, 2002, its amendments and supplements, Decree No. 2009 of December 15, 2010, Decree No. 1742 of September 20, 2012, Art. 16 of the Constitution of the province of Santa Fe; the decree of the Executive Power of the Province of Santa Fe 406/2013; Decree No. 246/2017 regulating Law No. 20,655 and its amendments; Law on Penal and Contraventional Regime for the Prevention and Repression of Violence in Sports Shows No. 23,184 —text ordered according to Law No. 24,192—, modified by Law No. 26,358; the law on public performances; Qualification of control and admission personnel Nº: 26,370 / 2008.


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