When sports brands take to being lavish, especially their design department, they sometimes come up with somewhat strange ideas.

From the marbles in which the second from Arsenal, going through the combination of pink and electric blue of the last of BarΓ§a, the fashion has spread that the more ‘original’, the more sales are produced.

The last case is that of Manchester United. The ‘Red Devils’ have presented a third kit to uneven black and white stripes that seem to be inspired by those of a zebra. With the very David Beckham, an institution and legend in the entity as a godfather, the shirt designed by Adidas has not left anyone indifferent.

“My eyes started to bleed”, “Adidas hates us”, “I think it’s the only one who fits it well” … the comments of the fans did not wait for a kit that has achieved, to some extent, its success: it is the most commented on in the new elastic bands for this season.