The coach of Manchester United femenino, Casey Stoney, has referred to the demands of equal pay between soccer players. Of course, she has not done it to request said equality, but to affirm that it makes no sense to carry it out now, in view of the difference between the money they move and the money they move.

Stoner assured in ‘Sky Sports’ that “I am realistic in terms of equality. They should pay you the same if you get the same income, and it is not the case. “

The coach considers that “equality is positive, but until we have no more people in the stands, more income and more money in advertising we should not start talking about charging the same “.

In addition, he points out that “some of them charge 225,000 euros per week” something unaffordable for women’s football, since “to our matches 3,000 or 5,000 people come. You have to invest more money and have more public in the stadiums, “he explains.

In any case, Stoner adds that she speaks “for herself” and that “it is my opinion. after having competed at the highest level for a long time. “Also, remember that” at those times we paid to play, and my vision is very personal. But, I think, it’s a realistic view. “