Rúben Dias is the last great signing of Manchester City, for now, something that the English team take advantage of since their arrival to increase the number of followers. However, those responsible for the club’s website made a mistake and the confundieron with Kalidou Koulibaly, making a huge mistake that went viral on social networks.

The problem is that City wanted to avoid a signed Dias jersey, but instead They offered a sheepskin with the Senegalese’s name, Naples player.

Koulibaly was one of the goals of the team he leads Pep Guardiola, finally bet on the Portuguese Dias, for which they paid 68 million euros to Benfica.

Everything indicates that City already had the squad prepared with the name of the Senegalese and they forgot to change the name after the arrival of the Portuguese, so in the web portal of the ‘sky blues’ was eligible to win a signed shirt por Koulibaly.