In Sweden, a 38-year-old man has been found seriously injured after being beaten in a torture style in a car, says Aftonbladet. The man was found on Sunday at 9pm in the town of Billesholm in the Skåne area.

Police are investigating the case as a particularly aggravated assault and an illegal deprivation of liberty.

– The perpetrator has tried to separate body parts from the body, says the police investigating director on duty Jörgen Winberg According to Aftonbladet.

The battered man had been dumped in an uninhabited area where he himself had been able to alert police for help. He has also been able to talk to the police.

– He says that three or four masked men forced him into a car in Helsingborg at 3.30 pm. So the beating has been going on for quite a few hours, Winberg says.

According to police, during the assault, the “intensity” has varied and has had torture-like features. Attempts have been made to mutilate parts of the battered body.

The man is being treated in a hospital. Police say he has been seriously injured, but not life-threatening.

According to police, the man has not been able to tell why he has been selected as a victim of assault.

– It seems to him a mystery to himself. Of course, it may be that there are things he chooses not to tell.