57 years old Donald Fearista became the sixth British Want to Be a Millionaire winner.

Fear made a tremendous result as he only used one straw during the race.

– Of the fifteen questions, I knew the answer to about thirteen before I even saw the options, he said Mirror magazine in an interview.

The last question was related to history and it read like this: Who did the pirate die in the battles in 1718 in the present North Carolina coastal sea area?

There were four answer options: Kalikoo-Jack, Black Beard, Bartholomew Roberts, and Captain Kitt.

The correct answer is Blackbeard.

Fear said he saw the right answer in front of his eyes. He had taught his students about piracy about eight years ago.

– The year 1718 and the Black Beard immediately popped into my mind, Fear said afterwards.

So for the right answer, Fear didn’t use any straw cards, even though he still had two left. He didn’t even think about the possibility that the wrong answer would take the main pot from him and drop him for a much smaller amount.

– The question of winning was simple. Most history teachers who know their value would have known the answer, even if the subject area is not even part of the curriculum. The question was one of the easiest during the whole race.

So no wonder the presenter of the program Jeremy Clarkson called Fearia both a walking encyclopedia and an internet dressed in a pink shirt.

Even Big Brother won the big pot

Donald Fear isn’t the only genius in the family since Donald’s big brother a year ago Davyth Fear won the competition for half a million pounds, in euros about 540,000. Davyth has also done his life’s work as a teacher, he has worked as a geography teacher.

The program has been recorded, so Donald knew about his victory half a year earlier.

– My brother was so happy for me. In fact, we celebrated the victory in pairs. My wife and Davyth and his wife were on a week-long hotel vacation. My brother was really proud of me.

As soon as the recordings for the program ended, Donald left Debswith his wife to celebrate his victory. They headed for a caravan trip to the North East of England. They were originally scheduled to leave Spain in their motorhome, but the coronavirus blocked the plans.

– Sounds boring, but the Northumberland coast is a great area. In addition, we took boat trips around the Faroe Islands and saw about 4,000 puffs and lots of seals. It was really idyllic there and we took wonderful walks along the coast.

Invest in retirement days

The only thing Donald Fear is going to waste his winnings on is a new motorhome.

– I would, for example, to buy an Aston Martin sports car, but I never could fit behind the wheel, because I’m fat, Donald joked.

– I could also buy a new house, but I like our current apartment. We have lived in it for 27 years and are having a great time. Our neighborhood is lovely and we have nice neighbors, so why move in?

– However, I am a bit of a Social Democrat, so certainly 70 per cent of the profit for the benefit of the money goes to my family and the rest with the money I’m going to spend a comfortable retirement.

– So the only clear destination for which I am going to spend the winnings is a new motorhome.

Donald Fear’s next vacation plan is already clear.

– It would be nice to hop on a plane and leave for the Yankees, but right now it’s not possible.

“Next, in the direction of exploring great Britain in my motorhome, probably wasting a million in Wales,” Donald hesitated in his winning interview.