Puma has since this year become the official supplier of the LaLiga balls and to celebrate the start of the new season they launched an advertising campaign with the City of Madrid.

In her, the bollards were painted, the stone balls that serve to delimit some sidewalks in the center of the capital and that serve as deterrents against possible attacks, with the colors of the new balls. Those solid rocks went from being gray to white and yellow, like the new balls kicked by First and Second Division players.

The problem is that some passersby did not understand that, despite the colors, there was still a stone underneath. The City Council placed posters in some of these facilities warning of the danger with the message “Don’t hit, stiff element”, but it wasn’t enough.

So much so that, as reported by ‘Tiempo de Juego’ by Cadena COPE, the council led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida has been forced to remove this advertising when detecting that several users had suffered serious injuries when kicking these stones disguised as balls.