The Big Brother seen at Nelos will last 12 weeks, meaning the lives of the residents at the Red Mall will be monitored for three months.

Three months sounds like a long time, but it’s nothing compared to the longest Big Brother ever. Germany’s Fifth Big Brother lasted as much as a year, exactly 365 days.

The fifth production season was seen in Germany from 2004 to 2005 and the winner of the program, Sascha Sirtl, acknowledged as much as one million euros for his contract.

Big Brother was wildly popular in Germany at the time, so the production company could afford to invest in it. The mass of the program is indicated by the tasks that the residents had to perform. The wildest tasks were completely different from the crafting of cone cows seen in Finland. In one mission, residents had to jump from a helicopter into the water.

The specialty of the house was the division of its inhabitants into different groups and sections. Some residents lived in rich conditions, some in middle class and some in poor conditions. Those in the poorest group sometimes had to sleep outside, regardless of the weather.

A total of 59 residents were seen in the house during the year. Some came in the middle of the season, some lived from the beginning until eviction.

The top three of the house were included in the program from the beginning. The winner was 26-year-old Sascha, who worked on the model.

The joy was great when he won a million euros. Ice cold water came to the neck a few years later. The taxpayer began to write off his receivables retroactively, as much as 700,000 euros.

– My life is ruined, Sascha shed for Bild magazine.

However, life was not ruined. Sascha ended up as a restaurateur in his hometown of Selbi.

Second in the program Franziska Lewandrowski, who also spent a year in the house, set off a profit of € 50,000.

One of the most touching moments of the program was experienced when one of the residents gave birth to a baby in the house. The delivery was shown live.

The year-long Big Brother was a huge success in Germany, but the following season was hit by a madness of greatness.

No end date was decided in advance for the program, and an entire village was built instead of just a house. The program was known as Big Brother – Das Dorf (Big Brother – Village). No very large village was involved but there were only a few buildings.

Viewers weren’t as excited about the never-ending Big Brother as they were the previous season. Thus, the program was terminated after it had lasted nearly a year, exactly 363 days. The winner was a 27-year-old dental technician who left the house Michael button. He stepped into the house in the middle of the season and spent 155 days there. He received 250,000 euros from his profit.

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