Known for her numerous charity projects, Angelina Jolie has given her support to two 6-year-olds who are raising money for Yemeni residents. There is still a war going on in Yemen with numerous participants. The Civil War began in 2015 and continues to this day.

In September, Angelina Jolie, 45, made a very generous donation Ayaanille, 6, and To Michael, 6, who try their best to help the children of Yemen. Ayaan and Mikaeel live with their families in London.

– Thank you for what you are doing to help the children of Yemen, Jolie wrote her donation as a cover text.

– I’m sorry, I can not buy your lemonade you, but I would like to make a donation, Jolie also says.

Ayaan and Mikaeel set up their lemonade stalls with the help of their parents. The boys had seen videos of Yemen and wanted to help the children of Yemen. NBC News reports. The boys are said to have raised more than $ 76‑,000 so far. All money will be donated to Yemen through the One Nation charity.

Angelina Jolie plans to meet the boys on her next arrival in England.

Source: BBC