– It was an explosive shock. We were all as open as we could be. I was only 34 years old myself, and I wasn’t really prepared for anything like that.

This is how he recalls Kalevi Numminen the tumultuous events of the spring 1974 World Cup Ari Mennanderin in a new work written by The Lion King.

Finland had a top team, Veli-Pekka Ketolan led by a dream team. The first medal of honor began when Finland hit Czechoslovakia’s full Nordenskiöldinkatu with a hit of 5-2.

The next day the bomb fell. Stig Wetzell, a guard who stopped more than 50 Czechoslovak shots, had given a positive ephedrine sample.

– It turned out that Wetzell had got his flu symptoms from the team doctor From Pekka Alanen antibiotics and sedatives the night before the Czechoslovakia match, but also Juha Kataja that Alanen had checked that they were fully licensed drugs, Mennander writes.

– Juniper had packed Alanen’s medical bag because he specialized in prohibited doping substances.

The Finnish team was sampled by Wetzell and Esa Peltonen.

– The fact is that I could very well have stuck in Stigu’s mug in peace if we had seen it necessary, Peltonen says In the Lion King.

– There was no control in that situation.

Till morning

Finland’s 5–2 victory turned into a 0–5 loss.

“Various conspiracy theories began to rage among the media,” Mennander writes.

– Both Numminen and (second coach Raimo) Määttänen and several of the team’s players are still confident today that it was Kataja’s revenge for Kallu being fired from the position of Lion Doctor after the December Izvestija tournament.

The role of juniper was already mentioned in 2003 in the hockey association’s celebratory publication.

– I was just doing my job, he commented on the MTV3 Scoreboard at the time.

Numminen and Wetzell snorted until the morning in the coaches’ hotel room.

– Stigu totally broke in front of me, Numminen says.

– Stigu cried and swore as a man can, that he has certainly not taken any prohibited substance. I was fully convinced of Stigu’s innocence, as all members of our team have been steadfastly all these years since.

I was

The bosses of the Hockey Federation demanded Nummi, who had coached in his first value races, to find the culprit.

– We did not receive any support from the Association to investigate the matter, such as the investigation of the operation of the Juniper Testing Department, but vice versa. I still can’t understand why this was. After all, it was a question of the success of the entire Finnish puck and not just one team.

Numminen resigned after the Games, indulging in the Hockey Association.

– When public pressure was at its worst, the leaders of the union circled behind the curtains. The best thing we could do was give Stigu an international ban on competition, even if not even the international federation demanded it, Numminen commented.

– It would have been easy to knock everyone down Stigu’s neck, but the team refused to do so. We were all so sure, both the players and the team management, that he was innocent.

“Top Hockey Team”

Finland finished fourth, a point away from the bronze.

– It was the first Finnish top hockey team, Numminen sees.

– The best indication of the team’s striking ability was, after all that plundering, the victory over the Czechs in the last match. Those boys would have earned a medal.