The limited edition BMW M4 is sold out with lightning speed

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Ronnie Fieg started working at his cousin’s shoe store when he was 13, where he stepped up the ranks. Meanwhile, he began importing a number of sports shoe brands for the store chain, including Asics. They were the ones who asked him to design three pairs of shoes for them, from which they then brought out a series of 252 pieces each. The shoes were on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and it sparked so much interest that they all sold out in one day.

He opened his first own Kith store in New York in 2011, then the store in Brooklyn was followed by another in Manhattan, making Ronnie Fieg, working with the most famous brands, more and more popular. Today, they sell not only shoes, but various pieces of clothing and even breakfast cereals and ice cream. This was joined by BMW, for whom it designed a clothing collection and a limited series M4 Competition.

Ronnie herself is a BMW fan, so she was able to easily grasp the essence of the brand. The BMW M4 Competition x Kith doesn’t look great from the outside. It has unique logos on the back behind the M tricolor with the inscription Kith, but the paintwork is matte black, as are the rims and blacks, which behind it almost blooms the red caliper. There is also a huge Kith inscription on the carbon roof.

The limited edition BMW M4 3 is sold out with lightning speed

The headrest and armrest of the sports seats have also been pulled into Kith pattern printed leather, but the logo also appears in other places in the basically black space, which was thrown up by the designer with blue and red accessories. Otherwise, the M4 Competition technically remained the sports coupe it was heralded, so the 3.0-liter, in-line engine accelerates to 510 horsepower and accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

The limited edition BMW M4 4 is sold out with lightning speed

Like Ronnie Fieg’s first Asics shoes, the BMW M4 Competition and all the BMW little things sold out in a single weekend. From this, it is quite clear that the intertwining of fashion and driving was a rewarding business.



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