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The actress Sidse Babett Knudsen it was consecrated with the composition of this Prime Minister of Denmark, who balances between power and family harmony. Key piece of this excellent Danish Netflix series.

Social networks, that thermometer that measures the temperature of popularity, until last month barely threw an isolated compliment to one of the best series of recent times. They were comments from Argentines who had been able to see her in the colloquially called “alternative streaming circuit”. But, when it premiered on Netflix on September 4, Bail it was trending topic.

And, last week, as a counterpart to embarrassment of the Argentine deputy (for the Front of all) Juan Ameri, Birgitte Nyborg’s face went viral in meme format as a flag of political dignity.

But who is Birgitte? Or better: What does Birgitte represent? From the side of fiction, she (too) You could feel ashamed of seeing a legislator kissing a woman’s breasts in front of his computer camera … in the middle of the deputies session. And that scene, which surely would not have occurred to the best screenwriter, because it would lack the coveted verisimilitude, happened on the path of blessed reality.

Birgitte Nyborg is not perfect. She is human. She has grays, not as gray as her eyes, but there are no humiliating spots. On the political path that he travels throughout the three seasons of Bail registers stumbles and some bad step, but manages so that what is imposed, in the end, is his walking with his head raised.

And, speaking of eyes and grays, those of the actress Sidse Babett Knudsen they go from there to the area of ​​the blue ones, making some chromatic scale in the celestial ones. From there, then, Birgitte observes: and in her case, as a linchpin of the Danish government, the color of your eyes does not matter so much as the intensity of your gaze. It is a look that speaks.

Bail It is a Danish series that was released in your country exactly ten years ago. The prestigious Danmarks Radio network began broadcasting it on September 26, 2010. And it has only recently arrived in Argentina. But, far from having an expiration date, the story that tells the life of the first woman to become Prime Minister of her country invites us to review ourselves as a society, with our political leaders in the foreground.

Not recommended for marathoning (it is better to see and digest the enjoyment), the fiction that would have a fourth season (co-produced by Netflix) shows how, as she builds her power, her family harmony begins to crumble. It is not the ambition or the excess that plays against him. It is his need to do what he thinks, a concept that he often reels, and in his different roles, through his 30 episodes, especially in the last one: “The art consists of forming a stable government”.

Let’s go to the end, without spoilear too. He no longer holds the position of Prime Minister. Arrives at the televised debate of “The leaders of the new Parliament.” Red cap, one of his two children on one hand, his new partner on the other. Smile Birgitte, subtle, confident, without a hint of pride, enviable. Journalists run to meet her:

-Where will you be in Danish politics?

-That’s what the voters say.

-Who supports you?

-I don’t know yet, but a vote for us is a voice for change.

A reference in Danish journalism tells the camera that “Birgitte Nyborg has arrived with her boyfriend, the English architect Jeremy Welsh and with her two children… Nyborg irradia triunfo”. And she advances to the debate clinging to her affections, but also to her ideas. And to their ideals.

Then she will be seen euphoric standing on a table, celebrating with her team: “When I look at them I feel incredibly proud. From the idea of ​​a few, in one year a movement grew. Thanks to you we are in Parliament with 13 seats “. It does not correspond now to count if she is prime minister again to no, as she had been in the first two seasons. It will only say: “I did what I consider best for my country”.

Great line of fiction, which not all politicians can respect in reality.

That is the Birgitte of the end, at the head of the New Democrats Party, but let’s run the needles backwards and go to the Birgitte of the beginning, leader of the Moderate Party. It is not very different. It doesn’t have the obvious material fatigue of the last few episodes, but the scale of its values ​​is identical.


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