“The life of a high school teacher in France is a sinvivir”

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The beheading in France of Professor Samuel Paty has dealt a severe blow to Marta, the fictitious name of a Spanish teacher in Perpignan who wants to remain anonymous. “It’s like going back to medieval times. They wanted not only to cut off his head but his thought. The life of a high school teacher in France is a without living and I don’t think that the beheading changes anything in the educational system, “this high school teacher explained in an interview with the newspaper ‘Información’.

“I am very afraid, for myself and for my daughters. not only have two teenagers attacked me, as well your parents threatened me“, she assures with a broken voice. These days she is in Elche, her hometown. In France they are on vacation, although she is low for an assault that allows to visualize “how is the situation of the French educational system”. Her professional origins – Marta is a journalist – have helped her take a step “that nobody takes in that country.”

“They do not dare to speak, to denounce, to say what is happening, because it is not only the fear of suffering an attack. There is also the rejection of your co-workers, the director of the center, who is not a teacher and who He plays the promotion to the extent that he has more or less expelled or incidents in his institute, even from the Inspection. Nobody defends us“, says this Spanish teacher, whose case has jumped to the international press.

Notice from management

Today you go to this interview with a mask that only lets you see your eyes. It’s enough. In them the calvary lived while recounting how one morning two students, “15 years old but 1.80 tall”, attacked him because he expelled them from class. “I already knew who I was playing with. I have been a teacher for five years and as soon as I arrived at the profession, the center’s management told me that the first months I would dedicate to acting as classroom police, not to try to teach, to forget about the program. “

On the day of September 1, the teacher from Elche lived a normal class day. The students laughed at her, her accent when she spoke French. Marta insists that she does not want to demonize any origin, race or religion. He repeats it during the interview on several occasions, but clarifies that in his institute most of the students are French of Maghreb origin. Fifth or sixth generation. “Y I have been insulted, threatened and attacked several times, so I live in fear and I will never return again. “

With all the excitement in the class, Marta went to two students and sent them to the office of the head of studies. After a first refusal, he asked a student to notify the school leader and at that moment they decided to leave. Then the teacher stood in front of the door and they jumped on him.


Faced with the attack, Marta did not receive any support from either the management or the inspection. In fact, the director even told him that he should change his way of teaching because they were troubled students and with a different type of character and that I had to accept their insults. Several days after the incident, the students were expelled for two days for “disrespectful behavior.” Outraged with the decision, Marta reported to the Police a “physical and moral assault” and resigned from her post at the institute.

In addition to the blows from her students, Marta suffered threats from their parents when he called them to tell them what happened. “They told me I should have thought better of it before expelling them. The mother of one called me a racist three times,” he recalls.

“I don’t want to know anything about teaching. The power is held by the students and their families, and by the principals, who are administrators, not teachers. Nobody wants to be a teacher in France nor denounce because they will not have support “, concludes this teacher.



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