Signature OLED R, the LG rolling TV that the Korean company first introduced two years ago, has officially entered the market – only in the Korean market for now.

LG sells this TV in South Korea for 100 million KRW, which, at the current exchange rate, means 74,585 euros.

It’s a very high price for a TV in general, but not so unusual for a product that comes with an innovation that is no longer in the portfolio of other manufacturers, and LG is known for such fireworks, including in the area smartphones.

Signature OLED R has a flexible 65-inch panel that can be fully or partially retracted into the wooden base on which it is placed. Basically, when not in use, the TV can simply be hidden in the base that accompanies it and which can be confused with a piece of furniture.

When partially retracted, the image will be displayed only on the visible area of ​​the panel, so you can create different ratios of the image at which the content is played back.

LG’s TV has a complicated history, being presented for the first time at CES 2018, when it was only in the project stage. A year later, the first commercial version of it was released, but it is only now available in South Korea.

There is no information yet on the launch in other countries, but it should only be a matter of time.

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