The Lesson of Dr. Jill Biden

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In 2003, a group of gyrfalcons from Democratic Party went to the house then Senator Joe Biden to try to convince him that he could win George Bush if he ran for president. Jill Biden, who was in a bikini at the pool, had an opinion. He found a marker in the kitchen, painted that opinion on his stomach and passed it around before those present: “No.”

This is the Dr. Biden, the way she urges to be called rejecting the “Mrs. Biden”, who doesn’t stop. This 69-year-old woman spent 15 years combining her mother of three children and of teacher to earn two masters and a doctorate in education. She has a temper, like a good “girl from Philly” (the city in whose metropolitan area she grew up, although she was born in New Jersey). It is clear. And she has been the decisive vital partner, personally but also in the political career, of the man who now caresses the presidency of the United States, one in which she is determined to make history as first lady.

When was the second lady ins eight years of Biden’s vice presidency during the mandates of Barack Obama, Jill Biden broke the mold by combining her duties, official travel and working with military families with Michelle Obama with her teacher position at Northern Virginia Community College, which she came to after having passed as a teacher through public institutes, a juvenile psychiatric and a vocational training institute of Delaware. And she has shown her intention to also be the first presidential spouse to continue to hold a job outside the White House. Because education is his passion and commitment, as is family.

In love with father and children

He has once said that he fell in love not only with Biden but with his sons Beau and Hunter. He met them in 1975, just three years after the tragedy hit them when Democrat’s first wife and daughter died in a car accident in which the children were also seriously injured. At 26 years old, she already had a divorce behind her back and resisted accepting the marriage proposals of the then senator, “a true gentleman”, because she needed to rule out that this union would not come to fruition either and potentially create another loss trauma to the little ones. But two years later, at the fifth request and with an ultimatum, he said yes. The wedding took place in 1977. And the family’s third daughter, Ashley, arrived in 1981.

The death from Beau Biden At 46 years of age in 2015, due to brain cancer, he came to distance him from the faith and the church and left him a mark that he does not hide – life I used to feel, “he wrote in 2019 in Where the light enters, his third book after two for children). He also had him take over that Biden’s eldest son, who served with honors in the Army and was attorney general in Delaware, had played as a political confidante for Joe Biden.

In the third and final fight for the presidency of her husband, she has played a relevant role, focused on the virtual first campaign and in the last weeks in rallies and events in all the country. It is a fundamental link, for example, with the hispanic (And to reinforce it, he has been learning Spanish with an app). It was decisive in the historic selection as a candidate for vice president from Kamala Harris, even though he would have received “like a punch to the stomach” an attack that the senator launched at Joe Biden in an argument about race.

Of course it has been she who has been helping the Democratic campaign to integrate part of the educational proposals of Bernie Sanders. His wife, Jane, who was president of a community college, has praised its authenticity, a rare and precious commodity in Washington, and highlighted its roots in the working class. In fact Jane Sanders went so far as to say to her husband: “I would vote you for president but I would vote for Jill as first lady if I had a choice.”

Sign with the ‘bully’

Just like you punched a bully what was there thrown worms to one of his four little sisters, the Dr. Biden She has defended her husband and Hunter Biden tooth and nail from the vicious attacks of Trump, who has tried to cast shadows of corruption over them and exploited the Scion’s addiction problems. But above all he has been able to convey the empathy and the decency which are signs of the Biden house. “How do we complete a broken family?” He said in the virtual speech at the convention this summer, which he offered from a high school classroom emptied like so many others by the coronavirus pandemic. “Just like a nation, with love and understanding and small acts of kindness. With courage. With unwavering faith. You are there for each other in things big and small, over and over again.” They were more than words. It is your life lesson.



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