On Wednesday in Lappeenranta, the SaiPa – HPK practice match was suspended after the opening round because the ice was not in playable condition.

On Friday, four teams traveled in vain to Helsinki for the 3vs3 tournament hosted by HIFK, when the fieldman’s drill broke the freezing pipe and the tournament had to be suspended before it had even properly started.

Of much greater concern than the surprising freezing problems, there is a coronavirus situation.

During the week, infections or exposures disrupted the operations of Jukuri, HPK, KooKoo and SaiPa, and teams and players are quarantined.

– This doesn’t surprise us. When the disease is on the move, there is a good chance that at some point it will hit our clubs as well, League CEO Riku Kallioniemi stated.

– We cannot isolate ourselves in a perfect Bubble or bunker, but we are wiser than this experience again.

Kallioniemi wants to see the week’s events in terms of learning. One place of learning relates to the transfer of players between A-juniors and a league team.

– We have discussed the protocol through which players move between teams.

The league regular season should start on October 1, but the quarantines will cast a black shadow over the intentions.

– The quarantines come from the doctor in charge of the city. They are unambiguous and unconditional, and we accept them as the doctors judge. Of course, we respect that view, Kallioniemi said.

– Fortunately, it now seems that these chains of infection are being caught really effectively.

Security features

HIFK Sports Director Tobias Salmelainen admits the minds of the puck people gnawing at the uncertainties.

– Fortunately, there’s still time here. All the teams and all the factors around the League want us to be able to start on time. The match events have been built to be as safe as possible so that people can come to the hall, Salmelainen said.

In Nordis’ galleries, the safety gaps were in order and face masks were visible on people’s faces. The audience was divided into blocks that were not allowed to move between in the auditorium. Handbags were well available.

– We will continue the same work and aim to start at the beginning of October.