The League Cup, between the record of the eternal Pepe Sand and the new 20 youth players with a special tribute to Riquelme

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The numbers and curious data left by the dispute of the first date of the new tournament in Argentina.

The first date of the Professional Soccer League Cup passed with an interesting balance from the numbers, all updated in the Interactive Guide that he presented Clarion for this new championship. On the one hand, the validity of José Gustavo Sand, who continues to score goals at age 40; on the other, the debut of 21 youth, including the kid Pucheta de Argentinos, whose name is Juan Román, the first footballer to reach Primera that bears those names in honor of Riquelme.

The Lanús forward has 172 goals in the First Division with Argentine clubs. He is the top scorer in activity. Last July he turned 40 years old. And in the South American Cup, against San Pablo, on Wednesday 28, with the two goals he scored, he became the oldest player to score goals in an official match with an Argentine club: 40 years, three months and eleven days.

With that brand, Pepe surpassed the record of Angel Labruna in River in 1959: 40 years, one month and 14 days. We are talking about an official party, it does not matter if it is national or international. In the case of Labruna, it was for the First Division championship.

In addition, three days later, Sand scored against Boca for a National Cup, also setting a new record. Of course, if we take into account only the statistics in the local league, the record is still Labruna’s. When the country’s main competition is re-established, probably in 2021, and if Pepe continues his career, he will also be able to surpass the great Argentine scorer.

Given the multiplication of competencies, it is increasingly difficult to establish well the records in each competition. That’s why the Interactive guide It presents the statistics of the players differentiating the First Division tournament, the national cups and the international competitions.

Also, contrary to the paper publications that were out of date after the start of the tournament, this web presentation updates the statistics match after match. If there is a new reinforcement, it will be incorporated. If a player goes abroad, they will no longer be. And if there is a new juvenile, all their data will be there.

The appearance of youth will be frequent in this stage of Argentine soccer. Between Wednesday, October 28 and November 3, 20 players made their debut in the First Division: 8 in the South American and 12 in the LPF Cup.

In Union, 5 players acted for the first time: Federico Vera, Imanol Machuca, Kevin Zeno, Mauro Luna Diale (South American versus Emelec) and Lucas Esquivel (in the Cup against Arsenal).

In Lanús there were 3 premieres: Lautaro morales, Braian Aguirre Y Franco Orozco. They played against Boca and in the South American series with San Pablo: now they have 3 games in the First Division.

In Vélez, Florián Monzón debuted in the South American against Peñarol and Facundo Cáseres, in front of Hurricane. Two juniors from Inferiores also debuted in Argentinos and Central, and one in Arsenal, Huracán, Independiente, Racing, San Lorenzo and Talleres.

In total, on the first date of the Professional Soccer League Cup there were 25 players who made their debut in top-flight clubs, of which 3 were foreigners (Johan Carbonero debuted with a goal), 10 had already played in promotion football and 12 youth.

A curiosity of the most child of the children is that their names are a tribute of the parents to Riquelme. Juan Roman Pucheta He was born in Merlo on July 11, 2002 and made his debut against San Lorenzo at just 18 years and 3 months.

“My name is for Juan Román. My old man was a fan of Riquelme, so he put me up for him. And obviously I like Román: is to bear the name of the greatest”, Said the youth excited after the debut.



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