The leadership of the AfD parliamentary group dismisses its former spokesperson for proposing to gas the refugees

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Christian Lüht, a designated militant of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and who until April held the position of spokesman for the parliamentary group in the Bundestag, has been dismissed by the group’s leadership after taking office publishes a recording in which Lüht proposed gassing the refugees. In the recording, made by a team from the ProSieben channel, the former leader advocates the arrival of more refugees to the country to boost the results of their training and, later, shoot them down or gas them to get rid of them.

The conversation, recorded with a hidden camera on February 23 in a central Berlin bar, shows the politician talking with Lisa Licentia, well known on social media for her far-right ideology. “The worse it is for Germany, the better it will be for us. This is all naturally bullshit, and also for our children. But it will bring us closer together ”, Lüht is heard saying,

“We discussed it at length with [Alexander] Gauland [actual codirigente del grupo parlamentario]: The worse Germany is, the better for AfD. If all went well now, AfD would have 3% support. We don’t want that. So we have to find a tactic, ”insists Lüht. At one point in the conversation, Licentia asks her: “Does it sound like it is in your interest that more immigrants come?”

Christian Lüht’s answer is categorical. “Yes. Because then the AfD will be even better. We can shoot everyone later. That is not a problem at all. Or gas them, or whatever you want. I do not care!. But now that the borders are still open, we have to make sure that as long as the AfD remains a bit unstable and a few idiots are running anti-Semitic, we have to make sure that Germany does badly. “

The recording of the Prosieben channel was broadcast on Monday night by the private television network as part of a report entitled Right, German, radical. The piece does not mention Lüht, but several media have recognized his voice and given the opinions expressed by the politician, the party decided to end his collaboration in a sudden way.

Lüth, 44, had already been suspended last April after he claimed his “Aryan” origins and defined himself as a “fascist”. The politician had worked for the AfD since 2013 and held the position of spokesperson for the parliamentary group since the party obtained representation in the Chamber in 2017.

Before the meeting of the parliamentary group, Gauland – who was co-chair of the formation between 2017 and 2019, a position now held by Jörg Meuthen – distanced himself from his former ally. “The statements attributed to the Lord are completely unacceptable and in no way compatible with the objectives and policies of the AfD and the AfD group in the Bundestag,” stated the political official to the DPA news agency. “The claim that even I have spoken with Mr. Lüth about these issues, or that he had even approved the statements attributed to Mr. Lüth, it is completely absurd and fictitious ”, he added, referring to the mention that Lüth makes about his recording.

However, Gauland admitted in an interview with the magazine The mirror at the end of 2015 that the success of his party was due to the hundreds of thousands of refugees who arrived in Germany that year thanks to the decision taken by Chancellor Angela Merkel to open the borders to Syrian refugees. “Of course we owe our resurgence primarily to the refugee crisis,” Gauland declared then.

The meeting between Lisa Licentia and Christian Lüth came after the AfD politician wrote to the influential youtuber repeatedly. What Lüth didn’t know was that Licentia wanted to leave the scene on the right and contacted a team from ProSieben. The journalists decided to film the meeting with hidden cameras to document what Lüth and perhaps part of her party really think.


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