The leaders are killing Argentine football without haste and without pause

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With his decisions, controversies and multimillionaire management at stake, the great victim is the passion of the public.

Forensics, crime novel writers, detectives, filmmakers, hitmen, bullfighters, and hunters they know how to kill. Styles, manners, instruments, degrees of cruelty, all that they know. Only one condition must be met: be effective. With admirable efficiency, the leaders of Argentine soccer have been demonstrating their expertise. We would have to take the pulse of the ball. It is not something that has already passed away.

The 38-38 (what a coincidence, like the Smith & Wesson) it was a shootout between gangs, the closest shooting that inaugurated these times of ambushes, trips and evils. We are at war of all against all. There are no innocents. The great victim is the passion of the public, fan, buyer of tickets stadiums, payer of social contributions or subscribers to packs of screen. Passive consumers. Victims

The AFA muddied the court so much that it made the Super League disappear. “There can be no double command,” they said. At the bottom, what was at stake was the management of football money. The Super League had put a bit of order, had seriously surrounded the competition, but from Viamonte they did not tolerate it.

Now, everything, or almost everything, is resolved from the AFA, which recovered the method of being a creditor of the clubs because the checks will return “on account”, that coercive method inaugurated in the long term of Julio Grondona. And the Professional League was invented.

Between both entities they could not resolve the mess that River raised with their insistence to be local in their Ezeiza property. The League said no and the AFA said yes, but that Aprevide’s authorization was lacking, while it is suspected that there were suggestions to the body to lower the thumb of Ezeiza.

With his move, Tapia faced Marcelo Tinelli and Rodolfo D’Onofrio, who no longer had good relations. Will they talk at the consortium meetings of the building in which you both live?

Chiqui He is a luxury spectator of the toll that River must pay for his claim in the distribution of the money that comes in through TV, funds that the AFA aspires to control. Hadn’t the double command been dismantled?

There were eight months of inactivity due to the quarantine that the coronavirus pandemic forced. Is not eight months enough to organize a championship between people who dedicate themselves to that? It seems not.

There was an almost neighborhood debate over who was seeded: Vélez or Huracán. Solomonic solution: the two to the same group. It was in an open-air “draw” in Ezeiza, televised live but in which not a single paper was seen coming out of the ciboriums. Is there the right to think that it was a setup and everything was arranged in advance, a fan scam?

Before the first date was played, they castled the matches of the second, because they did not give the rest times for the teams that participate in the South American. Lesser evil, but another piece of paper. Did you not know the fixture of that Cup?

Poor Maradona. They exhibited him at Gimnasia-Patronato, the first match of the championship, to honor him for his 60th birthday. Diego, whom the leaders say they love so much, greeted an empty field, the flags that hung from the fences and in front of the cameras of TV. They say no to RiverCamp for “the Product image”. Show to the maximum idol that he was not in the best condition, what is he besides immense cruelty?

Unión and Arsenal drew 0-0 in Santa Fe. But it is hardly played. The game was suspended until 16 on Saturday by order of the province’s Ministry of Security. Union refused to pay the additional policemen. Extra for a closed-door game? The Professional League took care of the cost and there are those who say that there was even a talk between Tinelli and Governor Omar Perotti. Silence from the AFA.

Hours before the start of the tournament, it was not known who televised the games. The AFA chaired by Claudio Tapia sought more money. It was not very elegant. The current contract for seven years updates 6.5 billion pesos twice a year.

Soccer was broadcast by Turner and Fox. It was merged with ESPN and both belong to Disney. Tapia thought that this allowed him to get Fox out of the way and give the entire package to Turner, who promised to increase the fee considerably. But Tapia did not know, did not want to know, or was not told that Turner and Fox had a coexistence agreement signed in the United States. Disney announced to Turner that it would file a lawsuit and this company canceled the proceedings while Disney filed an injunction in local justice.. Strong defeat of Tapia.

Declines canceled. The definition of the promotion is a grotesque one that reached the complaint of San Martín de Tucumán, which was later rejected by the CAS. There is talk of a tournament of 28, 30 teams or some other nonsense. They are going to need a ball to play. Maybe by then they already killed her. Some will be able to plead self-defense when there appears to be premeditation and treachery.



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