The lawyer who advised Lionel Messi to send the burofax was left without his job

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Cuatrecasas, the law firm that worked with the Argentine, broke its link with Jorge Pecourt, one of those directly responsible for the legal maneuver that made water and did not help him to leave Barcelona.

The Lionel Messi scandal over his request to leave Barcelona continues to leave consequences. The club had already terminated the link with Cuatrecasas, the prestigious law firm that advised La Pulga with the burofax and others, but the story did not stop there.

According to the specialized website, Cuatrecasas and the lawyer Jorge Pecourt, who was one of those directly responsible for advising on the “Messi case”, decided to break the link definitively after the failed departure of the Barcelona captain.

According to the same portal, “Pecourt has decided to establish his own law firm to continue advising professional athletes, which he has been providing for more than 20 years.”

Will this be the definitive end of the novel? Or will more fragments of the bomb that Leo Messi exploded continue to appear?

Pecourt was one of the partners in the study, which in 2019 had total revenues of 277.4 million euros. And he was pointed out as the intellectual author of the burofax that caused the rift between Barcelona and Messi. The club, upon learning that Cuatrecasas was also advising Messi, severed the link with the legal staff in an untimely manner.

Pecourt, who was by Messi Sr.’s side in the meeting with President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Javier Bordas in the negotiations that never came to fruition, is an expert in fiscal and tax planning and aspects of the sponsorship contracts of entities and athletes. .

He was a partner of Cuatrocasas since 2009 and was in charge of the Sports area of ​​the study since 2012, when Javier Hervás and Miguel Terrasa left the firm to join KPMG. He is from Valencia and is 47 years old.

“Expert in tax advice and planning for resident and non-resident entities. Extensive experience in advising groups of companies and in tax planning for business restructuring, both nationally and internationally. Member of the Cuatrecasas Sports Team, regularly advises clubs and athletes “. This is how Pecourt was described on the Cuatrecasas study website.

“Given his tax specialty, he is recognized as an expert in matters such as hiring professional athletes, the correct protection and use of intellectual property rights, legal aspects of sponsorship contracts or the taxation of sports entities,” they added.

Cuatrecasas is a firm with a presence in 14 countries, with a strong presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, and which began working with Barcelona since Neymar’s conflictive departure to PSG.

Pecourt had been in the eye of the storm due to his previous link with the Catalan club. For that reason, President Bartomeu decided to break with the Cuatrecasas buffet. A fact: the same study had been the one that had made Messi’s contract until the end of June 2021 and it was the one that could not untie the knot to break it. The play went wrong for Messi. And also to Pecourt.

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