The change of criteria in just a few hours from the Government to accept the request of lower the price of masks has been a perfect reason for Luis Figo make your appearance again.

The criticism of the Portuguese has not been long in coming, and if a few days ago he was ironic about the call ‘Ministry of Truth‘Now he asks himself precisely what is true in the executive’s argument when a few days ago he specifically refused to lower the VAT on face masks.

“Where is the truth?” Wonders the right-handed winger who played for Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Inter Milan. Figo mentions in that message Daniel Lacalle, economist and political analyst, who has shared the words of Adriana Lastra hours before the Montero ad and what the Government indicated days ago so as not to lower the 21 al 4% the tax collection of these essential elements in the pandemic.

In the days ago he was not silent either. He first pointed to Vice President Pablo Iglesias’ trip to Bolivia next to King Felipe VI. “What an uncomfortable trip! You say that it is an honor to accompany His Majesty the King on his trip to Bolivia, and then you dedicate yourself to attack the Monarchy,” Figo recalled.

Afterwards, he was also ironic about the decision to increase the budget line to advisers from Moncloa. “Let no one be left behind,” he said, alluding to the government’s promise to help those who have suffered the worst financially during the pandemic.