The last step: documentary x-ray of the goodbye of a phenomenon that made freestyle a passion of crowds

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The film is coming that portrays the final encounter of The fifth step, the starting point for artists like WOS, Duki, Trueno and Londra.

The documentary The last step, which portrays the farewell to the street freestyle movement The most important in Argentina, The fifth step, which took place three years ago at the Malvinas Argentinas Microstadium, will premiere on November 11 on the Claro Streaming platform.

On November 11, 2017, 10,000 excited fans met in the Malvinas to worship the movement of street freestyle created by Muphasa and YSY-A since the beginning of 2012, at that time on the steps of an alternative entrance to Rivadavia Park, which managed to become a space of union, brotherhood, respect and culture from Buenos Aires for the entire Spanish-speaking world.

The last step is the documentary of farewell to the project which made the meeting of passionate young talents in a square one of the most important freestyle competitions in the world.

A total of 32 MCs from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Spain faced each other with the force of their words for five hours, then hugged each other and said goodbye when choosing the last of their champions.

The Last Step, directed by Matías Berner, is a portrait of the growth of a movement that became international thanks to a group of young people who found their most genuine place of expression in one of the few green spaces in the Caballito neighborhood.

The Fifth Step is considered by many to be the mother of all modern freestyle competitions, the free and improvised rap that is all the rage today in the Spanish-speaking world.

Carried out by Muphasa and Alejo Acosta, both fans of Halabalusa, a competition organized by the renowned Dtoke and his friends, the appointment started being Sunday every other. The first time was on March 13, 2012.

Shortly after, it was established in one of the side entrances of the park, where the five steps that gave its name to the event are located.

These encounters, with battles with an almost gaucho tone (like the image of two roosters spitting their best rhymes in their faces), they marked a before and after in culture; the separation between the old and the new school of hip hop in Argentina. The birth of a new generation of freestyle artists respected throughout America.

Over the years, thanks to the convocation of the public in the squares and the viralization of the battles on YouTube, the freestyle meetings became massive acts and of young expression.

Then came the growth in the amphitheater of the Park, the million views and the massive enrollments to the meetings, which came to exceed the hundreds of registered.

From El Quinto Escalón, well-known artists emerged today, such as Wos, Ecko, Duki, Lit Killah, Trueno, Paulo Londra and more, and is regarded as the biggest hotbed of talent on the freestyler scene today.

After five years of project, on September 10, 2017, and through a YouTube video, Alejo and Muphasa, organizers and pillars, announced the end and offered a duel that will be remembered as a mythical encounter and the definitive consolidation of the Argentine freestyle genre.



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