The last mandrakata by Gigi Proietti

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Faced with the news of the actor’s death, we preferred to imagine it is yet another, last mandrakata of his most loved and cited cinematic alter ego, Bruno Fioretti of Fever from Horse.

The two widows, Gabriella and Aurelia, hold hands and smile to hide their tears.
Pomata leans on a stick with both hands, his head bowed, his red eyes hidden by a pair of large black glasses while Micione gently encircles his shoulders. Felice and the Engineer, close together, stiff, bewildered, cannot take their eyes off the coffin.
To break the silence is the desperate cry of Cozzaro Nero, who is looked upon with disdain by the heirs of Count De Blasi and by the sons of the lawyer De Marchis.

Outside the church, the coffin is placed on a chariot pulled by three horses: Soldatino, King and D’Artagnan.
Pomata approaches slowly, puts a hand on the side of the coffin, and murmurs a few inaudible words.
At one of his gestures, the chariot leaves slowly, friends of a lifetime divide to let him pass, throwing kisses, flowers, play cards.
For a moment, Pomata is alone, away from everyone, in the middle of the road.
Manzotin’s son approaches him, intimidated.

– In Poma ‘… I’m sorry. I know we’ve had our problems in the past. But I …
Pomade raises his hand gently, as if to interrupt him and tell him “It doesn’t matter, water under the bridge.”
– No, no, tell me. Because I know that for the funeral you paid for everything, with Gabriella and Aurelia.
– And I believe you, the artri nun have no more eyes for ‘sore.
– I know. And I also know that you are not in such good shape.
– Well I’ve never been, me.
– So, here, I was thinking ‘…
– But loose loses, you don’t try so hard.
– No, I say, I was thinking ‘that maybe I …
– What maybe what?
– I don’t know. Maybe I could have contributed too.
– But no, with all the deaf people who have arrested you over the years, lax loses.
– Poma ‘. Thing of the past. Mandrake was … was Mandrake. If you tell me the bank, I can make a wire transfer.
– No bank transfer, lassa loses.
– Poma ‘. Never let it be said that er fijo de Rinaldi Otello is one who does not honor dead friends. I’m offended eh. Tell me that I will make the transfer.
– What a transfer, but what offends you. But then who has it er bank account. What can I put in the bank, lice?
– And how do I do it then?
– How famo, how famo … famo. How much do you have in your pocket?
Manzotin’s son takes out a wallet full of banknotes. It doesn’t even have time to open it that Pomata immediately sticks a hand inside, takes out the money and starts counting.
– One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred …
– Okay ‘Poma’ I thought …
– Shut up, I lose count … six hundred, seven hundred and eight hundred. I know too many. I can’t accept ‘.
– Here I thought …
– And he doesn’t think you’re tired. Tiè, pay a hundred euros.
– Thanks Poma ‘.
– Thanks to you. Then maybe I go to the shop, where they served me lamb chops for tonight, for Gabriella and Aurelia: are you offering? In memory of the Mandrake pore.
– Yes yes, we would miss it.

Manzotin’s son walks away a bit confused, in the direction of his butcher’s shop.
Pomata sets off, followed by the two women, makes Felice, Micione and the Engineer, in the opposite direction, the one taken by the chariot carrying his friend’s coffin. He turns the corner, looks back, sees no one, and then whistles.
Mandrake emerges from a small door, with white hair and beard, the usual bright smile.
– Has he fallen for it?
– And of course he fell for it, Pomata never fails.
– And how much did he give you?
– Seven hundred euros.
– Settece … mecojoni. Hurry up that soon the race starts. And I recommend: all on Male Mistletoe. Winning.
– The Mandra ‘.
– What’s up?
– It’s Male Whiskey, no Male Mistletoe.
– Cor whistle?
– Noo.
– Cor helmet?
– Not even.
– In Poma ‘, as you think you do. Just go and play ‘. And then oh, you know: in Mandrake, as ar Black Knight, nun je you must caca’r fuck.


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