The shield of Athletic Bilbao is on everyone’s lips for his appearance in the series from South Korea ‘Mr. Heart‘, which has surprised the rojiblancos fans who have seen it on their screens.

The fiction recounts the life of a group of teenagers who are dedicated to high-level sports in a private school and have chosen the Bilbao team crest as the logo of said school. In fact, he has put it as is, as an emblem that young people look in their tracksuits and shirts.

The detail made Athletic become trend in social networks and it is unknown if the Spanish club was aware of his appearance in the Korean production.

‘Mr. Heart’ can be seen in streaming on the Rakuten platform, the Japanese e-commerce giant that may be equivalent to Amazon in Europe and the United States, which has led to the first users to warn it on Twitter.

The producers of the series took the shape of the Athletic crest, preserving colors and even iconic San Antón bridge and the Gernika tree, and only changed the lyrics to suit the school the protagonists attend.

This curiosity was so commented on on social networks that other users also recalled that the Athletic emblem also slipped into the first sleeves of ‘Champions’, the popular series starring Oliver Atom and Benji Price (and known as Captain Tsubasa in Japan).