The lost of Kobe Bryant And your daughter Gianna It caused great commotion throughout the world, but especially in the United States, where the former Lakers is considered a true legend.

For this reason, the experts of the ‘BabyCenter‘have highlighted a outstanding rise in naming of newborns as ‘Kobe’ for the boys, and ‘Gianna‘for the girls, this 2020.

According to the aforementioned page that collects the data of more than half a million babies that have been registered in 2020. The name ‘Kobe‘rose from a 595th position in 2019 to a creditable 216 in 2020, considering that Bryant lost his life just nine months ago. “It is, by far, the name that has grown the most for children this 2020“, they stand out.

From Gianna, went from position 76 to 24, precisely, the number that his father wore in the Los Angeles Lakers.