Ruth Bader Ginsburg once fought against the bloated structures of the U.S. judiciary. The judge, known by initials RBG, became one of the best-known feminist icons in the entire country.

No later than Saturday, RBG changed to ACB when the president Donald Trump your name Amy Coney Barrettin candidate for the Supreme Court. Ginsburg passed away last Friday, and his relatives have not even had time to bury the 87-year-old deceased judge.

However, Trump is in a hurry. Barrett, 48, should be sentenced to the ninth member of the Supreme Court, preferably before the presidential election in early November or at the latest during the “lame duck” term between election day and the next presidential oath.

– The president has asked me to be the ninth judge. Coincidentally, I’m used to being the ninth member in my own family, Barrett smiled on the grass of the White House.

If Trump gets his way, Barrett will become the first judge in Supreme Court history to still have school-age children. Two of them have been adopted from Haiti and one has Down syndrome.

The family of seven children in all describes well the religious undertone from which Barrett draws his strength. Opponents of abortion also get hopes from her possible appointment that the 1972 Roe v. Wade decision, and with it the right of women to abortion, would be overturned.

The opposite of RBG

And while Trump is proud to suggest that ACB would replace RBG as a woman, it’s about destroying the entire Ginsburg heritage.

Barrett hails from a deeply religious family in New Orleans. He served as a professor at Notre Dame University for a long time, but since 2017 he has served as a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals and has quite clearly expressed his conservative view of the divisions that divide the United States.

He has defended the right to bear arms, opposed immigration, abortion as well as access to contraception, and the previous president. Barack Obaman health care reform developed by the

She is, in fact, the opposite of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in everything.

Barrett had to defend his faith already in a Senate interrogation in 2017. That’s when the Democrats Dianne Feinstein took him in his teeth.

– Faith lives strongly in you, Feinstein wondered.

Barrett wasn’t embarrassed, or at least didn’t back down.

– If I am asked if I take my Catholic faith seriously, I will. But I want to emphasize that my personal beliefs and beliefs do not affect my role as a judge.

Opponent of equality

New York Times magazine has found out that Barrett belongs to the influential People of Praise community, whose rules emphasize the husband’s responsibility to take full decision-making power within the home.

Against this background, many human rights organizations fear the United States will jump back many decades as Conservatives are allowed to hustle with 6-3 superiority in the Supreme Court.

– Barrett represents everything that Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed, Senator Chuck Schumer confirmed.

– He pursues things that a large percentage of Americans cannot support.

The most descriptive testimonies of Barrett’s values ​​come from his former students Notre Dame.

– He introduced himself as a different lawyer. A career is just a way to reach the ultimate goal, which is to build the kingdom of God, they tell the news agency AFP.

Electoral decision maker?

However, the biggest fear is that the Supreme Court will also decide the outcome of the November presidential election. Trump has already hinted on several occasions that he does not see postal voting as a democratic way to choose a winner.

It is even likely that he intends to deny a possible election defeat and roll the final decision to the judges.

And then legal scholars appointed by him can be crucial.