It was the first time Maha Vajiralongkorn had spoken to the foreign press in four decades. The last time he spoke to foreign journalists was in 1979, when he was still a prince and had not ascended the throne.

For several months, Thailand has been facing a massive wave of protests. The dissatisfaction of the population goes to the government, but at the same time the people demand a reform of the monarchy, given that the royal family in Thailand is considered of divine rank.

The king said in a mini-interview with the two television stations that his country is “the realm of compromise”, which would suggest that he could consider a way out of the long political stalemate, writes CNN.

Asked what he would say to protesters who took to the streets demanding reform, King Vajiralongkorn initially said “no comment” but then added: “We love everyone equally. We all love them equally. We all love them equally “, the monarch repeated. He added that Thailand was a peaceful country and added: “We love the Thai people, no matter what.”