Despite the fact that the career in electric mobility has been developing for a few years, there is still a lot to decide and there is a lot of capacity for evolution and improvement ahead. But what is true is that since the beginning of the current century, China has taken over the reins of the electric vehicle market.

According to the analysis company JATO Dynamics, there are several keys that can be considered the causes of this Chinese success in the low-emission automotive market or electrified. From these reasons, both the US and European markets can learn to improve their numbers and become real competitors.

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The impulse of the Government

First of all, it is undeniable the great government help that the electric automotive sector has received in China. State subsidies and incentives have enabled it to become a major competitor in the world market as well as improved sales figures in its home market.

The country’s centralized economy has been essential to ensure that, for example, 60% of the world’s public charger installations or that Chinese electric are half as cheap as Europe and the US These aspects, above all, are decisive for users to trust electric mobility.

Supply and demand

The Chinese electrified market has a total of 138 different models for drivers to choose from. But nevertheless, Europeans can only choose between 60 different cars and North Americans between 17. China has also pioneered the production and sale of electric SUVs, while Europe and the United States have prioritized midsize vehicles.

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Electric cars are twice as expensive in Europe as in China

Further, the big Chinese bet was cheap production: while in Europe electric vehicle models were, at first, luxury; in China it was decided that they were affordable. This price range has achieved greater success in sales and has made the consumer public incorporate the electric car into their habits ahead of the conventional one.

And finally, and in relation to the demand, in this Asian country the behavior of drivers and consumers It is in line with the initiatives of the government and the automotive industry. They are famous for being the ‘smartphone generation’, at the forefront of digital technologies and innovation.