On Saturday, in the Finnish Championships, attention was drawn to Mikkeli, where Jukurit, who was a serial jumbo before the match, knocked down HIFK 4–1. The brightest star of the match was Vitali Abramov, who scored two goals.

Jukuri’s sports executive Jukka Holtari said in September that the pier had been acquired in Mikkeli to paint goals. Abramov, 22, has really done it, as he has only played two matches in the SM League, and four goals have already been recorded in the statistics.

On Saturday, both hits came in the opening round.

– The first goal was born with superiority. The second goal was the result of the great work of my chainmates. I got on the loose disc, he describes his hits on Iltalehti on Saturday.

Abramov was also the subject of an unfortunate situation on Saturday when HIFK Johan Motin I even painted the paint ugly on the edge. The situation looked bad as the Russian pier hit the edge head first.

Motin was given a penalty 2 + 10 minutes into the match. The NHL reinforcement of the people of Mikkeli does not resent the trick.

– It was just hockey. This is a tough game. Sometimes you have to take shit. Such an attempt is made to obtain momentum from the opponent himself. I’m not hurt, he confirms.

After the tackle, Abramov set out to spin the superiority of the Jukuri and was constantly on the puck. HIFK did a full job to keep their goal clean as the pier seemed to be looking for a hat trick.

– Of course you think about it when you have already scored two goals. However, it didn’t matter because the game was already 3-0. We just wanted to win the game, I focused on it.

Who is a man?

During the match, the idea certainly arose for many puck players: Who is this player and where has he come from to the Jukuri?

Abramov moved to Jukuri from the Ottawa Senators organization. The contract is for one year, but Senators have the right to invite him to North America in the middle of the season.

The transfer to the SM League became topical due to the corona situation, as the NHL season is not expected to begin until January.

– I got an offer that I thought was good. This is a good and fast series that is good for my development. There is even faster hockey here than in North America.

The Russian striker has been playing in North America since the 2015-2016 season. He is the most powerful foreign player of the junior series QMJHL ever.

Abramov has a total of three NHL matches in the Senators under his belt. Last season, he played one NHL match and scored 18 + 23 on 51 matches in the AHL.

Response to criticism

Jukurit took his first three-point win of the season on Saturday. The team has been in the eye of the storm, for example Hannu Jortikka shook that Jukurit and Sport did not belong to the SM league in his opinion.

Abramov does not drop his ears on such speeches.

– We won the previous match in overtime and now we won this. This is a good team.

– We had a good day and good morning ice yesterday. Today we stayed together and fought on ice on every puck. We made the effort, so we won.

Jukurit is in the winning streak of two matches.

HIFK, on ​​the other hand, suffers serious injuries, with as many as 13 players on the injured list. Added to the list on Saturday morning Jesse Saarinen and Juho Keränen as well as a defender Joonas Lyytinen.

– I’ve never been in a similar situation. Yes, that’s a wild amount, HIFK’s head coach Jarno Pikkarainen was in pain on Friday.