The judge of “box B” investigates links between two public awards and payments to the PP

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The head of the Central Court of Instruction 5 of the National Court, Jose de la Mata, has agreed, at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, to require documentation from the Public Land Entity (Ministry of Development) and the Canal de Isabel II on two contracts awarded in 2003 and 2003 to a construction company before the “Objective, subjective and temporal correlation” with deliveries of cash to the then treasurer of the PP Luis Barcenas.

In a car to which ABC had access, the judge investigating the accounting entries that Luis Bárcenas collected up to 2008, states that “there is an indicative causal relationship between donations, the subsequent actions taken to establish contacts and established relationships “which, on occasions, resulted in” the contracts received “.

«Francisco Correa (the businessman leader of the Gürtel plot, who has already accumulated several convictions for his participation) intervened in these actions together with Bárcenas and others through a collaboration agreement: he acted as an intermediary between large companies and the Administration to obtain a favorable treatment towards them obtaining in exchange a commission», Exposes the car.

In this context, he places the two projects on which he now orders to collect more information. One, for the construction, commissioning and operation of the second phase of the Monte Boyal wastewater treatment plant (in a town of Toledo) in April 2003 by SEPES, which depended on Fomento. It considers that “there is an objective, subjective and temporal correlation with a delivery of 60,000 euros registered in the accounts managed by Bárcenas equivalent to 2% of the award amount without VAT.”

The winner was Degremont SA, then chaired by Rafael Palencia, whom the instructor describes as a “donor of funds for political training.” It places him trying another public award through Bárcenas, who put him in contact with the one who was Councilor for the Environment of the Madrid City Council between 2003 and 2007, “although he finally did not obtain” the contract for the conservation of the La Gavia WWTP “In 2007 as he had achieved in 2006”.

De la Mata requires the secretary general of SEPES or his head of legal advice to provide all the documentation of that contract: offers submitted, justification of the score awarded to each one and budget memory, as well as any file or document in any medium that act in your power and have to do with this award.

As for the second contract, it was for the exploitation services of the wastewater treatment plants of the city of Madrid (Viveros de la Villa, specifically) in 2006, and the contractor was Canal de Isabel II, “there being a objective, subjective and temporal correlation with a delivery of 35,000 euros registered in the accounts managed by Bárcenas ”.

To clarify it, the judge requires the secretary of the Canal Board of Directors the documentation that justifies the exclusion of the rest of the bidders, as well as the documentation that they presented and the justification of the technical and economic score awarded to each of the offers.

These proceedings account for the so-called Kitchen operation, a para-police device to steal compromising documentation that Bárcenas could hide about the PP and that is being investigated in another court in the context of the Villarejo case. In the documentation intervened on this controversial commissioner, there were handwritten notes, cards and invoices that, for De la Mata, would prop up the entry of black money into the formation that he had been investigating.

In line with that, last April ordered to require documentation from both SEPES and Canal de Isabel II on these awards to Degremon, thus reactivating the case. Given that information, Anti-Corruption requested the incorporation of more details to the case to delve into whether the awards were illegal or not.



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