The Mercantile Court has not granted the injunction to the League and there will be no games on Monday and Friday.

The judge thus rejects the request of the presiding body Javier Tebas and the games will be played, for now, only on the two days of the weekend.

It will be like this until, at least, October 6, the date on which a hearing between the League and the RFEF will be held in the same court.

The body chaired by Rubiales has been in favor of the matches being held only on weekends, except that the federation receives part of the audiovisual rights of the matches in case of being played during the week.

In any case, the last word will go to the Provincial Court, which at the time was already in favor of the League: “We do not understand what coordination role is developed by authorizing or not the celebration of soccer matches on Fridays. The RFEF is limited to stating that it does not “oppose”, provided that it receives a percentage of income from audiovisual rights for such “authorization”.

While a final decision is made, the games will continue to be played only on Saturday and Sunday, as has been the case since the start of the newly released 2020/2021 season.