Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho had already ended his press conference when he heard of a Macedonian journalist who would have liked to ask his idol only one question.

Mourinho turned back, and then something unprecedented happened.

– I have to ask you something for my father. First of all, greetings from him, but he is now already in heaven, the reporter began his speech.

Mourinho looked the reporter straight in the eye and listened intently.

– When my father was sick, he told me that if I ever have a chance to see you, I should ask you for a photo with me. He always told me I should be like you. He raised me to be like you, the reporter told Mourinho.

Then he finally got to his question.

– If you agree with this picture, I will frame it and put it in my father’s eternal resting place. So if the match goes well for you and your Team, would you agree to that?

The question made Mourinho humble.

– Thank you very much. The image has nothing to do with the result. The picture is a clear matter, we can take it. If you meet us before the game or at the hotel, then it might be easier. If it is taken after the game, then it is taken after the game. It doesn’t matter how the game ends.

– The joy is on my side that I can be in the picture with you. This is a tribute from me to your father, I appreciate that he had such a strong feeling about me.

– I don’t deserve that, but I thank him, Mourinho replied.

A video of the situation was released last night and has already garnered nearly 6,000 likes on Twitter – no wonder. Mourinho has probably never been seen as sympathetic in the media.

Today, the Portuguese pilot will lead his team in the European League qualifiers against the Macedonian Shkendija. The match will start at the Ecolog Arena in Northern Macedonia at 9 p.m.

If the video does not appear on your device, you can watch it from here.