Helsinki Jokers will play their first home game of the KHL season on Wednesday at Hartwall Arena.

The away team from Russia follows the same instructions in Helsinki that apply to Jokers on away games.

The guest teams arrive in Helsinki on their own charter flights, after which they transfer to the hotel by bus. Neftehimik Nizhnekamsk lives on its own isolated floor.

– They don’t go anywhere from horticulture and just move between the hotel, the hall and the airport, Joker Communications Manager Iiro Keurulainen says.

The Hartwall Arena has a so-called clean area where only people who have proven to the KHL that they have passed a negative corona test are allowed to move. For example, suppliers can only enter a clean area if they have a negative corona test result up to four days old.

“It may sound like a lot”

The Jokers are currently allowed to take 4,500 spectators to their home matches. On top of it come the spectators in the pens.

– Ticket sales have rolled just fine. Of course, the tickets only went on sale on Saturday morning, because on Friday we received confirmation that we will be able to play home games at Hartwall Arena, Keurulainen says.

When the spectator limit for one spectator block of the event is 500, nine blocks have been made for Hartwall Arena that cannot be moved between.

Admission tickets are not numbered to ensure that safety clearances are maintained.

– We are in a good position to have many separate entrances to the hall. More than 4,000 people may sound like a lot in these conditions, but we have gone through the work with experts – THL and others.

Jokerit recommends the use of a face mask for spectators. Handcuffs are available at entrances and restaurants.

General joker guidance for viewers

– Do not happen if you are ill or have symptoms of a coronavirus.

– Ensure good hand hygiene.

– Cough on a handkerchief or sleeve.

– Avoid close contact.

– Keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters from others.

– Buy an entrance ticket to the event in advance

– Use a card payment

Loss and gain

Wednesday’s match is the third of the Jokers season. The opening match was scheduled to be in Minsk, Belarus, but the Jokers never traveled to the country. KHL sent the Jokers a technical loss for that match.

On Saturday, the Jokerit beat Dinamo Riga 3-1.