New game days have been found for the two matches that have been postponed due to the Joker’s corona quarantine. The home game against Ak Barz Kazan was originally scheduled to take place in Helsinki on September 11, but the game has been postponed to Russia.

The match will be played on December 14 in Kazan. According to the original schedule, the Jokers will play in Kazan on December 13th.

– The Helsinki Club considered that playing Ak Bars games on consecutive days in Kazan is the easiest solution for all parties in exceptional circumstances, Jokerit says in a press release.

The away trip is going to be heavy as the Jokers will play five matches for eight days in early December.

The Jokers will meet Metallurg Magnitogorsk on Saturday, January 30, in Helsinki. The match was originally scheduled to take place in Helsinki on 17 September. The original tickets go into play as is.

Those who buy a ticket for the Kazan match will be refunded the price of the entrance ticket.

Due to their coronavirus quarantine, the Jokers also had to postpone their home games against Severstal Tsherepovets (15 September) and away games against Vitjaz Podolski (19 September) and TsSKA (21 September). KHL has not yet confirmed new game days for these matches.

The health authorities unloaded on 9.9. A 14-day quarantine of the Jokerit players who played in the Neftehimik match on Saturday.

After the Jokerit match in Riga, four Neftehimik players gave a positive corona test result, which, however, turned out to be incorrect in further investigations, according to the Helsinki club.

The Jokers are already playing against Sibir Novosibirsk at home on Friday.